Welcome to my new site.  The first thing to know is this site is very new and  “under construction” so things will be changing.

This site is a companion site to my Yardgardenwindmill site where I have garden windmills, weathervanes and mini windmills available.  You might have gotten to this site from there and you can get back to the Windmill site by clicking on the Windmills top on the top menu.

One of my customers sent me a photo of his new windmill that he put out in his garden.  In that photo beside his new yard windmill was a lighthouse.   A Red – White and Blue lighthouse that looked really nice in the photo sitting beside his new windmill that I had recently sent him.  I knew I had to have one!!!  I like the ornamental windmills and have several myself – they are will made and last for years.  Even though I am from the Midwestern plains, I have always like lighthouses so I called my customer on the phone to find out more about the lighthouse he had in the photo.

I learned that the lighthouse was Amish made and found out who the manufacturer is and called them and arranged an appointment to go to their facility and meet them.  When I arrived there I was totally overwhelmed.  Not only do they make really nice light houses that range in size from 18 inches to 10 feet, they make Bird Houses, Bird Feeders, Outdoor furniture, dog houses, utility buildings and a whole lot more.

While my original intent was to take a close look at the light houses, I ended up spending hours looking and learning about the birdhouses, and bird feeders, and looking at the outdoor furniture as well as seeing a number of the utility buildings they make.

What I learned is everything they make is hand-made.  The light houses, bird feeders and bird houses are made from lumber that is left over from manufacturing the utility buildings.  Instead of throwing away the scrap lumber from their buildings, this manufacturer turns the pieces into bird houses, light houses and bird feeders.

I was so impressed with the people and their products I talked with them and became a dealer.  I came back with a number of catalogs as well as CDs of images of their products.   Yes I did get a light house for me and it is really fabulous in fact I brought back two lighthouses, one in wood and one on poly vinyl as well as a bird house.  I was not “into” bird houses but they were so neat and unique that I had to have one.   I simply had never seen anything like these anywhere.

I knew on the drive back from the manufacturer that my template site that I use for the windmills and weathervanes would never work for the light houses, bird houses and bird feeders.  There are two many variables – sizes, colors, styles, shipping rates and a lot more.  That site allows one set of variables which I use for the weathersvanes – to choose the mount – garden stake, roof mount, post mount and deck mount and also on the aluminum windmills where there is a choice of red or green trim.

What this site consists of is  a way of having  multiple categories and sub categories  and sizes, styles and colors choices as well as multiple shipping rates.  This site is done with Word Press, the theme is iThemes Builder and the shopping cart is called Shopp.  This combination give me the flexibility to be able to list the new garden lines and items.

There are three main categories right now – Bird Houses, Bird Feeders and Light Houses.  You can get to each category by clicking on one of the photos above or by clicking on the categories on the left or by clicking on the menu tabs.

Each category has sub categories.  The Bird Feeders have three sub categories – Primitive – Traditional and Shapz.  The Bird Houses have the same three categories plus an additional Martin House category.  The light houses

The light houses are a part of a Nautical line of products – there are several subcategories in the Nautical category – There are lighthouse bird feeders and bird houses, and several styles of light houses.  The light house styles are Cape Hatteras, Cape Henry and Standard and each of the main styles have additional styles.

The way to choose a light house is first of all choose a style you like and go to that Sub Category – Next choose a size and finally choose a color. (Some styles only come in one color or color combination)

You can even get the lighthouses in custom colors – I will deal with custom colors later, right now I want to show you the lighthouses in their standard colors.

This sight will be going through a number of changes as I develop it.  Do not be surprised if things look and work differently when you come back.  Thank you for visiting.  Take a look around.  Be sure to visit my blog site {yes when you see things that look this you can click on them to get there} for updates and information and of course visit my garden windmill site.

The items are available now while the “store” is under construction.  The store is “open” to pay on line you will go to Pay Pal.  You do not have to be a Pay Pal member to use Pay Pal there is a place and a way to use a credit card – it will be on the right below the place to enter your Pay Pal sign in information.  Why do I use Pay Pal?  Pay Pal is a trusted way to send money on line.  Pay Pal has been a payment solutions for online businesses for years.  Simply Pay Pal just works for millions of people all over the world.  It is good for people who sell online and it is good for customers who buy on line.  Pay Pal protects the customer.   Should you join Pay Pal – that is up to you of course.  I have been a Pay Pal member for over ten years both as a buyer and as a seller.  I have had very few problems with Pay Pal over the years and when I do there support people are just a phone call away.

You might be asking why would I create an active site when things are not yet working exactly right?  This is called TARL – (Take Action Revise Later) – there is a great book available from one of my mentors – there is a link on the right – that explains this.  In  fact this is a book I recommend everyone read.  If I wait until everything on the site is ready and works well it could be weeks or months of revisions and updates.  Rather than have everything “perfect” I am using TARL so you can see and purchase these amazing items that are here in my “new store” now.